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Short Version

About the Conflict (Short Version)

During the 1990s, the radical islamic terrorist NCP regime in Khartoum launched a campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains of the Republic of Sudan. The Nuba Mountains are home to Sudan’s largest Christian community. The genocide was targeted at three groups of people: 1. Black Africans, 2. Christians, 3. Supporters of the opposition party. To carry out the genocide, the NCP chose Ahmed Haroun, a man later indicted for war crimes in orchestrating the Darfur genocide.

More than 500,000 Nuba people lost their lives under Haroun’s oversight. Hundreds of churches were burned down. Most pastors who survived endured imprisonment and horrendous torture and persecution.

In 2011, the NCP ordered Ahmed Haroun to leave Darfur and head back to the Nuba Mountains to finish the job he started in the 1990s. In June, 2011, Haroun made his move. After sacking the capitol city of Kadugli, Haroun launched a campaign of terror from the skies. Bombers and fighter planes began indiscriminate air attacks on civilian targets.

Tens of thousands of Nuba residents fled to the mountains to hid in the rocks and caves– leaving fields to lie uncultivated.

Presently, there is a growing humanitarian crisis in the Nuba Mountains. The war has now spread to the neighboring Blue Nile State. A broadening war also means a broadening humanitarian crisis.

The international community has so far chosen to do next-to-nothing to check the genocidal policies of the NCP.

 That’s where you come in.

 Get active today to help the persecuted in Sudan. Together, we can Save the Nuba!